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There are plenty of people who have made an absolute killing selling
fidget toys on Amazon and eBay but bear in mind that competition is

On the seller forums, there are some who feel the spinner market is
saturated and I would suggest, as ever, bundling fidget products to make
yourself unique.

You could, for example, bundle a particular spinner, cube and stick or
roller to make your own package but be aware that others will likely copy
you fast.

Fidget sticks or rollers, as I said earlier, are considered an upcoming
fidget item so there is still room here for growth. Fidget rings, tangle toys
and chewables are other items which are less saturated although I
would always suggest including a spinner as these are so wildly popular.

Quality is an issue here as many fidget toys that are quickly produced in
China break just as quickly. Bearings, in particular, are an issue and you
will see many complaints about these breaking and slowing down the

With spinners in particular, it may be better to go for premium and
collectible options which will mean higher customer satisfaction and a
longer term business for you.

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