Learn How Paintball Is An Invaluable Tool For The Military And Law Enforcement

While paintball’s recreational side might receive more attention, this game isn’t just for play. It is also used by the military and police agencies for training exercises. This is an invaluable tool in training men and women for situations that might arise in the field.

From hostage situations to anti-terrorism, these types of training exercises help to prepare police and soldiers to make the right choices in the field. With paintball markers, when you make a mistake and are shot you get to try again. Unfortunately, when dealing with a real situation when mistakes are made and people are shot there’s no starting over.

Thankfully, we have these types of tools to help the men and women of the military and police agencies to train, although you can never know what to expect in any hostile situation. It’s these types of mock combat scenarios that prepare them for whatever situation may arise.

The game of paintball also has its recreational side. It is played by thousands of people from all points on the globe and on every type of terrain imaginable. The first and foremost scenario of the game is called “woods ball.” Just like its name, this game is played in the woods and as long as the teams are even, the limit of players is only restricted to how many players the field will hold.

Some games are held with specific scenarios and parameters. One team of players might have the mission of holding a fort while the other team is charged with taking the fort. There are many variations of this style of play and can be a great deal of fun for all.

Another variation of the game is called speed ball. This game is played in a much smaller area with manmade bunkers used as cover. These games are mostly elimination and are timed. The winner is the team with the most players left in play at the end of the time limit set by the referees. These games are very fast paced and are usually favored by the intermediate level players.

The next step up would be what’s called air ball. This game is played on a small field with inflatable bunkers. This is the type of game play which is sometimes televised on extreme sports cable stations. This type of game play is only recommended for people who have quite a bit of paintball experience under their belt.

Unlike woods ball, which usually has a 15-to-20 rule being the closest distance you can be to someone when you shoot them, there is no such rule in effect on the air ball field. You can, and it happens “bunker” your opponents, bunker simply means that you run up to someone and shoot them at point-blank range.

Also the markers in these types of paintball games are allowed to shoot at a much higher velocity. Simply put, it hurts more when you get hit on the air ball field. Yet even with that, air ball seems to be the most popular game style there is.

Offering both recreational and practical uses, paintball is a sport that continues to gain in popularity. From military training to backyard fun, the game has a worldwide following.

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